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Our Mission

Our Mission

To improve students’ learning experience by providing student desks to 100 schools in rural areas around the world.

Many primary and middle schools around the world can not afford to equip their classrooms with any study chairs or tables. As a result, school children spend long hours sitting on the floor throughout their school life. 

The mission of Hundred School Project Inc. is to provide high quality purpose-built study desks to 100 schools in rural areas around the world. Collaborating with the local coordinator, carpenters and furniture builders, we design, build and deliver these study desks from the factory to the school classrooms.

How You Can Help

The money that we raised is used to fund the fabrication of study desks by the local carpenters.

A donation of $75 will allow 4 students to have a proper study desk and chair for the whole year. According to our designer and engineer, each study desk can last 10+ years given its strong metal frames and supporting structures.

The volunteers of 100 School Project Inc. will also ensure that these study desks will be taken good care of and we will check the condition of the desks on yearly basis and will repair them if required.

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How You Can Help
Our Progress

Our Progress

Our goal for 2017/2018 is to support seven primary and middle schools in the region of Gaya, India. 

We aim to build 192 study desks and chairs and donate to these schools by the end of 2018. 

To find out more about our current progress click on the link below.

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